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NJStar Communicator 3.00

NJStar Communicator 3.00: Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Enabler for English and Western Windows New: Support 64 bit Applications on 64 bit Windows; * New: Support Direct2D and Direct3D Applications; * New: Support Chinese CNS code, UTF16-BE in Universal code convertor; * New: Convert Pinyin number to tone, and vice versa in Universal code convertor; * New: All Chinese IMEs are based on Unicode, capable of input 70,000 characters; * New: Show the meaning of candidate character by hovering the mouse over it; * New: Lookup Unicode UniHan and CJK

NJWIN CJK Viewer 1.96: Chinese, Japanese, Korean language viewer for English and Western Windows
NJWIN CJK Viewer 1.96

newsgroup discussions. The program also allow user to read CJK language in Microsoft Office, and support many CJK native language programs on English Windows. * Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7 (all language versions); * View CJK webpages, email and newsgroups with auto code detection; * Support CJK applications/games on English Windows; * Supports many internet programs; * Supports popular email programs such as Eudora, Outloook

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NJStar Japanese WP 5.30: User friendly Japaneseword processor with powerful dictionary translation tools.
NJStar Japanese WP 5.30

New: Support openning and saving of Japanese file name. 1. Cut-paste Japanese text between email, web pages or other Japanese sources and NJStar for Japanese editing or instant dictionary lookup. 2. Extensive Japanese language learning functions such as Study List, Japanese Verb Forms generation, Kanji of the day, and Kanji Information; 3. Full Windows WYSIWYG editing with multiple document interface; 4. True Type Japanese Fonts are available in

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Text Encode Converter for win and mac 1.0: Batch convert text character encode(utf-8,unicode,gbk,big5,shift-JIS,euc-kr)
Text Encode Converter for win and mac 1.0

Text Encode Converter can fast batch convert multiple ansi/utf-8/unicode documents between any encoding, include utf-8, utf-16le,utf-16be,utf-32le,gbk,big5,shift-JIS,euc-jp,euc-kr etc. You can select output to DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), Mac (CR) newline format, or keep source newline. and you can use file filters, include words and exclude words in file name or file path to filter files.

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123NewZ 1.55.f8

NewZ A brand new exiting Newsreader in development! If you are looking for MP3s, Movies, pictures, games, chats and much, much more... Then we have very good news for you!! With 123NewZ you can search through all newsgroups in a matter of seconds!! You can customize the way it looks by adding the views you use. It will use sfv to check if all downloaded files are ok. It can use multiple servers to fill missing parts and uses multiple threads to get

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Unicode Char Encoding Converter 1.0: Convert character encoding (utf-8,unicode,gbk,big5,shift-JIS,euc-kr) in batch
Unicode Char Encoding Converter 1.0

JIS, Japanese euc-jp, Korean euc-kr and more, *Fast batch convert multiple documents, supports sub-folder, it can process thousands of files within several minutes! *You can select output to DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), Mac (CR) newline format, or not convert source newline format. *you can use file filters, include words and exclude words in file name or file path to filter files. *automatically check source file encoding format, or assign source file

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Your Birthday News 5.0: By HighDesert Software. Personalized newspaper with birthday events.
Your Birthday News 5.0

newspapers as you want. - Choose any date from 1900 to 2011. - Preview before you print. - Choose from 6 different pre-made headlines or create custom. - Add a multiple line personal message to bottom of page. - Now includes Years Ahead, allowing you to send someone a different news page each year, depicting events that occured at a given age. - Easily select a recipient using the Address Lister. - Send news page by email. - Create a custom newspaper

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